Resources for getting started with Power Apps Portals

I got an email from someone who was looking for resources for getting started with Power Apps Portals. I replied with some resources that I know is good and that will give a good introduction to Portals and an idea how to get started. This might be useful to more of you, so there is my list:

There are a lot of free online video’s to get you started with Power Apps Portals these days.

“A Guide to Getting Started”

This is a video for how to get started by the king of Portals; Nick Doelman.

Engineered Code

This Youtube channel is by Nicholas Hayduk as “Engineered Code”. This is where you’ll find topic specific community calls and “tip of the week” type content.

Portals Community Call

Every month Nicholas Hayduk host a community call where he covers a specific topic related to Portals, talk about the lates updates and news, and generally keep us all up to date. Register for the next one here:

Scottish Summit 2021

Scottish Summit had a lot of sessions on Portals this year. Visit this site: and use the browser search tool to search for “Portals” to highlight all sessions that are related to Portals. All sessions can be found on Youtube too:

Portals Zero to Hero

There is an ongoing course series for beginners called “Power Apps Portals – Zero to Hero” that Victor Dantas has put together. I have presented two sessions, and it will continue with new sessions for a few more weeks to come. Visit to learn more and sign up for the next sessions. You can watch all the previous sessions here on YouTube:

If you like to read more then watch video’s then just look up the blogs in the list below and you will get your hands on some great content:

Microsoft Documentation

Also look at the Microsoft Documentation here

Portals on MS LEARN

Portals Learning Path on LEARN:

Enjoy learning Power Apps Portals, and please reach out if you run into trouble. We’re here to help.

Feature photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Ulrikke Akerbæk Written by:

Ulrikke has a BSc in Multimedia from Karlstad University, and has since worked with front-end development and advisory consulting in Microsofts product portfolio. She is a Power Apps Portals professional at Skill AS in Norway.

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