Author: Ulrikke Akerbæk

Ulrikke has a BSc in Multimedia from Karlstad University, and has since worked with front-end development and advisory consulting in Microsofts product portfolio. She is a Power Apps Portals professional at Skill AS in Norway.

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The vikings love the new Power Apps Portal, and got up and running with a complete marketing site within hours.  Started from and created a Blank Portal  The portal is represented with two Apps; the “Kimtzers PuzzlePackage” (Portal App) where you can browse to the website itself and the…

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November 28, 2019 / / Portal

With the release of the new Power App Portal in this October ’19 Release we were introduced to a brand new Power Apps Portals Designer Interface. Microsoft marketed it as a new product under the slogan “Enable external access with portals” and it created some confusion. If you are still a little confused about the difference between Power Apps for external users and Power Apps Portals the link is to a blog post that will sort things out for you.