Show child elements in Power Apps Portals

Classic scenario: You have a list of teams that have signed up for a football cup. You want to click on “Details” for a team and see the football players on the team.

  1. Create a list on the team (parent) entity listing all the teams.
  2. Create a form on the team entity with a subgrid displaying related players (child)

In Common Data Service (CDS)

Open and select “Data” and “Entities” in the left navigation. Open “Accounts” in the list.

Create new form and give it a name and description
Create new tab and give it a name
Add Account Name field on top

Click “Add component”
Select “Subgrid”
Choose related entites and choose “Contacts” from the dropdown

Choose a view and give the subgrid a name.

It’s a good idea to give the subgrid a sensible name

Save and publish.

Portal Management App

Open Portal Management App from the “Apps” menu in
Navigate to Entity Forms and create a new entity form.

Select “Account” as entity and choose the form your created.

This is the important part:

  • Set Mode to “Edit” or “Read Only”
  • Let Record ID Query String Parameter Name be “id”
  • Enable entity permissions

Web Page for Account with contacts

Create a new web page with the new Entity Form

Entity List

Create a new entity list that display the accounts.

Choose the “Options”-tab and add a Details action to the grid configuration.
Set target to “Webpage” and choose the web page you created.

Another webpage

Create another webpage that display this new entity list


View in Power Apps Portal

Navigate to the portal and the last webpage your created

Click the link in the Account Name column or the “View Details” actions button.

You will be navigated to the other webpage you created + the id parameter and the account id. The entity form will load the subgrid and display the contacts that are related to this account.

That’s it. Hope it was helpful!

Photo by Chema Photo on Unsplash

Ulrikke Akerbæk Written by:

Ulrikke has a BSc in Multimedia from Karlstad University, and has since worked with front-end development and advisory consulting in Microsofts product portfolio. She is a Power Apps Portals professional at Skill AS in Norway.


  1. Elias
    October 29, 2020


    Thank you for this interesting article it helped me a lot. I have a list of Courses and when I click on View Details it should show all students enrolled in that course.

    Question, is it possible to have a multi select option as a lookup field?
    Example: Having entities Courses and Students, where 1 course can have many students and a student can be enrolled in many courses.

    So when creating the Student’s form I need a “Courses” field to add the courses that student is enrolled in.

    Best regards,

    • November 11, 2020

      Hello Elias.
      How great that you find the article helpful. In the case you describe I believe you need a many-to-many entity between courses and student. The easiest way is to create a new entity, lets call it “Student_Course” with one lookup to student and one lookup to course. Then, on the courses form you can show a subgrid with all “Student_Course” related to course. The same for Student; add a subgrid that show all related “Student_Course”‘s. More information about many to many relationships in CDS here: Hope it helps. If not – let me know and I’ll create a blog post about it. Have fun!

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