1. Mila

    Hi! Thanks for a really nice blog with a lot of very useful information! I’m quite new to Portals and I am trying to figure out if it is possible to have a global filter on a list on the Home page (or any page), so that when it is selected it is also applied for all subpages too. Do you know if that is possible…?
    I have one table with countries and one table with cities, with a one-to-may relationship. My goal is to have a list of countries on the Home page, with a filter on it (drop down). When I then choose a country from the drop down on the Home page I would like the same filter to be applied to all the subpages too so that when I navigate to a subpage with my list of cities I only see the records that are related to that country which has been selected on the Home page. Any idea on how to make this, or something similar to it? 🙂

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